latest technology products


The purchase of reconditioned computer equipment has become a great alternative to be able to get the latest technology products at a lower price.

At Sebrok, we have a wide variety of equipment so you can buy the one that best suits the day-to-day of your company.

The statistics speak for themselves. These tell us that the majority of users (more than 80%) do not use more than 20% of the potential of their computer. So why pay more than I need?

Our products will always give the same quality as a new one. These equipments are checked by our IT specialists and repaired by experts. In addition, they have the relevant guarantee.

The products we offer you are:

Laptops, Pc´s, Tft´s, Discs, Memories.

Tablets, Phones.

Communications, Servers, Storage.

New equipment from failed operations.

Renting equipment.

The sale of these equipment is sent to any point in the Iberian Peninsula, Europe, the United States and Canada.

Remember that in addition to the sale of computer equipment you also have the option of renting it.